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Born in Milan, grown up between Florence and Cortina, his professional training allowed him to live and breathe the atmosphere of the coolest cities of 70’s and 80’s: from Paris – his second home, to the New York of Andy Warhol, from London to the boho-chic Ibiza as well – treasuring beauties, trends and style that his professional life taught him. Finally Florence – his home of choice – where he decided that he would dress the most beautiful women in the World. Self-taught, after a stint in Paris followed by a period studying architecture in Italy, he learnt everything he knows from Italian mentors in the fields of luxury goods and fashion design. Trained in all the best techniques, he worked with the most prestigious workshops and designers using the most beautiful fabrics, matching them in a unique and new way, prestigious and glam. After several years of experience and professional growth, he felt the time had come to found his own self-financing label and use it as a medium of expressing his taste for architecture – but only this time, for that of the body. Right from the start, he was full of originality; aiming to offer sporty couture styling based on evening jackets, fitted like corsets, sophisticated, rare, and as treasured as pieces of lingerie. Italian women snapped them up without a second glance. Right from the very first catwalk show, orders came flooding in. All the best boutiques wanted to sell this new designer who captured the spirit of the times; offering iconoclastic, free-spirited and innovative luxury, with no danger of unexpected combinations of fabrics and cuts.The technique he applied to sportswear was an immediate success. The Ermanno Scervino style was launched. From his childhood home in the Cortina mountains, Ermanno Scervino found his way, via the most chic streets of Italy to the gala premières at La Scala in Milan, and then in others in Europe and the rest of the world.


Ermanno Scervino Maison founded in 2000 in Florence, has become a synonym of Made in Italy quality and International style. Since the beginning of the brand, passion – support of creative research – has been the driving force of the company’s strategy. Constant interaction between know how and experimentation in a product that brings together craftsmanship, excellence and innovation. In 2007 the headquarter was opened in the hilly environs of Florence. The atelier, research and prototype laboratories, knitwear and finished garments departments are grouped together in the new premises so that they are constantly in sync with the brands style concepts. This is to the benefit of Ermanno Scervino’s working strategy, which is to be directly engaged in the development of his research, remaining in contact with all of the phases of workmanship. The new headquarters also houses the offices in charge of administration, manufacturing, distribution and logistics for the entire group. This provides dynamism in the manufacturing aspect, a process of industrialization that makes it possible to obtain a non-standardized, high-quality product.